About Case Development

Case Development is a leader in the development of in-fill urban housing in the City of Cleveland.

Together with its team of expert planners and designers, Case Development has brought to market unique and innovative communities, neighborhoods and homes in the Detroit-Shoreway and Ohio City neighborhoods.

Innovative architecture that blends old with new, thoughtful floor plans with functional designs and efficient use of space are all signature features of Case Development projects.

Pedestrian friendly neighborhoods, proximity to downtown, an abundance of nightlife, stores and restaurants together with The Gordon Square Arts District make Case Development projects ideal for the individual and families seeking a quality urban lifestyle.

Case Development is committed to providing the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. A full service approach and the highest level of customer satisfaction is the goal in every Case Development project.

Michael DeCesare brings over twenty years of experience to Case Development. As president of the company he is committed to the Detroit-Shoreway and Ohio City areas. Not only does the company invest in these areas but he himself is a property owner in the area. Additionally, one of his family members resides in a current development while another of his family members will be moving to a development soon to be built.

To learn more about Case Development and any of our projects please contact us.